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of sympathy." This broad and clear conception of our

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change will then be proportional to the mean rate of reaction during

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disease entity. The low relative percentage of hemoglobin has

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Of the 134 cases I have examined, 10 suffered from prostatic

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being less rigid than the arteries, are affected most, and the

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The Council, through the public health committee, requested members

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The first two were examples of failure of nutrition

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small rounded colonies. Microscopically, small cocci arranged

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may serve the purpose, as in case of cardiac insufficiency with

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and tie a loop in the middle, which is to be of such a size as it may

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operation, so that Dr. Hahn now recommends more secure

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subjection that not one single candidate has accepted the

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unless the hog pen, stable and manure pile have been common

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as an antipyretic in pneumonia coincided w r ith that of

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think it is to this watchfulness that I am to a considerable extent

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ered. Instead of taking my advice (with a view to irritate

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an acrimony from the free accefs of the air, and irri-

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never to leave him alone ; and he got better by the use of medi-

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nothing which a good and sensible woman would so certainly find, if she

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Most of you know that one of the most constant features

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conclusion from what happens in other countries, an exact

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being catalogued, are placed in the reference libraries in

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