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home for six weeks, and the gastric symptoms imjiroved. The vomiting
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upon them, and these same forms which existed in them
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ease, or labyrinthine vertigo, is shown as clearly as
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remains disproportionately high. Mortality is predictably
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time, however, until 1860 the condition, though occasionally noted by
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ing miserably, deserted and neglected by her husband,
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the siile of the neck. The latter is, I believe, an
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and cirrhotic Bright's disease, and a post-mortem examination revealed
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egg) the cerebral substance looks as if converted into a moist tremu-
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new illustrated edition of Miss Yonsre's popular novels. Volumes
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sufficiently wide basis of fact to enable us to infer the injury with
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1904 d.— Idem. Reprint, pp. 602-605. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]
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kept up, just as a pulmonary catarrh will remain uncured so long as
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fiom that time, and finally recovered. One naturally asks
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ought to be performed in all cases in which the disease had fully
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why so much laborious research by so many minds is required to
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the rapid growth of specialists, when oculists, like na-
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in surgery, said of the action of closing the eyelids by
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to be dealt with by moral and material agents, according to the needs of each."
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disordered digestion, constipation, neuralgic pains in various
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compelled to spend the remainder of his days in instructing the
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or a small scope of country. In caring for sick and well
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liigh position in the hearts and minds of his fellow men not

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