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curred from time immemorial, with a few enterprising characters.
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ment is almost constantly associated with the functional cardiac dis-
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ble obstruction was found in the prostate, and although
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such a system did not deter 50 percent of those interviewed
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whole thickness of the abdominal walls, including the perito-
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Specify P., D. & Co,, on prescriptions and thus guard against the
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time, and cyanosis of the face has indicated the accumulation of
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In truth, we all regarded him with filial veneration.
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Bromoform IN Whooping-cough. — Dr S. Schippers furnishes
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towards the back and the ovary felt for, when found is
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development of the coenurus in the sheep ; and it is a well-estab-
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After all child-birth a certain percentage of danger
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tled variety, so commonly seen about the barn yards in
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whole civilized world was aroused and naturally all possible means were
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cured ; and M. Boudet states, that, in the post-mortem examination of
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less our predecessors of the Meigs, Dewees and West
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tonifr^ of building up a natural defence^ whicQi is very important in
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regions, and especially to the younger members of the profession
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speedy removal of this substance is essential to prevent ulceration of the mu-
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are asking themselves, in these days, whether it 'Svill pay^'
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S. ignavus (83), obtained from the infected wound of Case 69 showed
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To make quite sure of your wish, my friend— boil it
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develops as a result of disturbances of the natural
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This organism, which has been taken up to the present
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metanilic acid were acetylated by dissolving in 750 cc. of normal so-
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trated its outer wall. The congested zone in the peri-

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