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of the approximated edges which interfere with union
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is caused experimentally by nearly all pathogenic bacteria or their products-
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180, but this was a single observation. His liver was normal in
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The routes by which the mature infecting forms of the in-
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mentally, and it is also in accordance with the facts of human pathology,
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as the skull. The condition is usually found either in connection with
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The suggestion that death may be due to gaseous embolism is not new.
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the correct answer on the answer sheet below. Complete and clip the application form and mail it to: Indiana
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cases were 15 years of age ; four were between 20 and 30 ; three
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are soft and flabby; the mucous membranes are irritable, and
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four grains of prepared chalk. 'The quantity of sugar of lead
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1. The substances injected intraperitoneally into mice and guinea
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take the form of very exalted notions with regard to self-impor-
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Female Nurses was a great gain. Personal observation
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no organs of the body, except the brain, are so extensively permeated with nerves
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and Dr. S. B. Sheardown, of Stockton, and his son, Dr. T. W. Sheardown, of
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incidents illustrating heroism under fire, or equally
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satisfactory dressing which consists of an armless jacket of
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serous exudate, sometimes abundant, appears within a few days. The
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the bodily transmisaion of which from one person to another
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haemorrhage from this could not be stopped. The tumor
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'I he results of this simple procedure had been very favorable, a large number
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mucous membrane and the sensitive structures of the feet.
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