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excessive abuse of mercury. In some few instances, the small veins
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where it formed a firm, tough clot with red cells and lymphocytes in
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ciently firm to offer such resistance as would inter-
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Industry and Downing produced fruit in 1894, ripening
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3rd. — If no air from the outside is permitted to enter the building
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and the equally well-attested evidence of its transmission by contact with
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be admitted to practise unless he should bring testi-
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that they have escaped the fever, fall victims to dropsy
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expose the dura. Remove all lacerated dura. After complet-
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mercury, either alone or combined with the iodide of potassium ; but while its
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into the deformed position when the retaining force of the hand
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to lend weight to this hypothesis. The knowledge of the fact that the
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the women does very considerably lower the rate of disease, the un-
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tables give 9 cases between the ages of thirty to sixty years and
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state of stabile myosis ; there was obscuration of intelli-
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develop within the follicles, and again, the exudate which
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to the body, will effect this object perfectly. Remark that the
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As regards cottages, after some considerable experimenting, we have
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This preparation, in a stronger formula, was used by the cele-
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The reticulum, or second stomach, sometimes called the honey-
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year old or upwards, it is not advisable to hatch from
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hernia, the propriety of laparotomy mipht be strongly
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Svstem of Medicine, 1896, i, 586; also v. Kahlden, "Sepsis," Eulenberg's Real Encyl-

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