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few cases, at the Insane Asylum at Budapest. The drug

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tially of an albuminous material called mycoprotein, appears usually uni*

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The Dental Admission Test is a requirement for admission to this

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reader will .call to remembrance, times when he seemed to

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of cases of tabes a history of syphilis can be obtained ;

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I agree with Ziemssen in distinguishing two forms : one,

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a like test. Part of the carpet was burned up, while

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Frivolity, hut with deeper thought, we discover conscien

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when placed upon the tongue of a healthy kitten. The animal emitted

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direct rays of the sun. The sputum after 55 days' drying exposed to diffuse light

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in the pathological operations of the leucocyte, which undeniably possesses an

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woman — always a most prolific soil for sepsis and zymosis. I

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previous disease (of either the uterus or vagina) than as a primary

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Case 28. — C. L., woman, aged 49. Diarrhea, loss of weight, vomiting and

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its amputation, his reason being that some day surgery might be so advanced

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of the past — to be dead. The method lives, gentlemen.

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disappeared in the lower jaw, the exact age can not clearly be

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smile of its beauty, cuts up by the root every glorious quality of our na-

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hundred and seventy-nine separate portions of swine'' s flesh, which

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vaccine seems to have been due to the action of the

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syringes, pads, and cloths should be boiled before using.

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dissatisfied with every thing that was dene for her :

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fracture, in one otitis media. Cases of this group do

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pox hsematuria occurs quite often ; it is caused, however, not by

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