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small percentage of these cases recover, or, at least, even though
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From the beginning of the year, the accumulated temperature values
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tion is the determination of blood to the genital organs at the time
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case be left to itself, involve the whole thickness of the cheek. A black
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terference, and that one who died would have recov-
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its use may entail. In our study, physicians recorded mari-
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resecting the disrupted joints, and suturing the whole.
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means of correcting stress incontinence. The success rate is
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an extraordinary change; the specimen had been macerated
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A curious illustration of the influence of the imagination
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publications, and reduces them to four categories. The first
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crease commensurate with the quantity of the poison introduced
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concentration of optochin in the blood stream of the patient, but, as
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dysentery and anasarca, and yielded to the admmistration
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and to read it is a profitable and pleasant task. The historical references
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amount of fresh air supplied, and the composition from a
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whether or not the spinal symptoms bad been slow in
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majority of whom at present have no special knowledge of the
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little below, normal for a number of days. After several days there may be,
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purpose or for measuring any shift from a fixed position.
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the heart is pounding away with all the vim and vigor such occa-
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forming they press down into the convolutions. The pia mater is liable

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