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rent. The poison in many cases is kept in subjection by the strong
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b) It has only one surface to be made fly proof instead of five.
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which, it is needless to say, are not those of the phy-
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depression, introversion and perversion; and inversion of the body and
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"The Open Court," "Journal of Physiology," "Journal of Nervous and Mental
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North, South, or West, he notices that he gradually as-
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nothing more clearly illustrates the difficulties which surround its im-
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cyst may refill unless its walls be excised — a proceed-
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1966. Schoenberg, Harry W., 3400 Spruce St. (19104)
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There is no difficulty in swallowing. The voice is husky and harsh. Pulse
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poisoning, the so-called urethral fever (18c), so apt to follow on cathe-
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cludeH only tli(i.H<; eaHen of typhoid fever which vtfrv
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Subs., 0.1700: 8.89 cc. AgNOa sol. (1 cc. = 0.001794 g. CI).
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the Greeks came in contact, especially the Jews.^ And yet recent
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efficient substitute with some patients, while with others it
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certain parts so rarely affected by the disease that they may be considered
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brother practitioner in Sherman, who found that thor-
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winds by a forest of cypress and other trees, which, commeflcing about
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in the later stages too, but sometimes, during the further course
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Welch states that in a thrombus of five minutes existence blood-
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the subject. But it is notorious that the magnetizer
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Veterinary College, 1910) : Streets, John James. D.V.S., Ven-
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pigs, and pigeons, interesting as are the lesions produced in these animals
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tended observations than have yet been made to determine the
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phenolphthaleih. The cause is found in the fact that the end products
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hammer the twist down on the bone and completely close the
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ing quits with him, and admitting the kings of France only
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