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ation? and are the people of the homes willing and competent

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disease. In childhood he had measles, mumps and whooping-cough, but denied

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airy waiting rooms on every one of the four floors, and

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heart action, prescribe Theocalcin, beginning with 2 or 3 tablets t. i.d.,

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and camphor emulsion alternately. Should sudden and severe collapse take place,

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and of the latter both gases and vapors, the liquid both as

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The Association was called to order by President Mooue, at 10:15

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compartments numerously subdivided, would form an excellent port-

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tion of these persons that pricking, or cutting, or burning, or freezing of

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measure water, by transferring it from a vessel whose capacity

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plenty of it. (See Iodide of Iron in Medicine List.)

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foramina magna, one pharynx, two trachese, one oesophagus,

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Soak five tablespoonfuls sago in cold water one hour ; strain off the

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moderate degree of cold is only objectionable in retarding the evapora-

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"About eighteen months after, the hip (left) became affected

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It will pay every dispensing physician in the country to correspond with us. We will save

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in front of, and overhanging the pubic symphysis, so that an instrument

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" On the 26th he had a spasmodic seizure lasting but a minute or two,

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completely to support my view that the apepsia of chronic

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The exact cause is not determined. Most writers believe

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Most of the reports attempt some sort of classification of the cases treated

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twelve to eighteen hours with trifling local reaction and large number of

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pylorus could not be removed, consisted in taking the

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Hospital. B.A. 1944, Princeton University; M.D. 1947,

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of a case showing essential atrophy of the iris of the right eye. There

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children, 1200 ; (c) anatomy and physiology, 600 ; {d) chemistry

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