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transpleural extirpation. If radioscopy is not possible, undoubtedly
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good frequently results, and many patients have de-
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out, the fact that we can render its occurrence infre-
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scarlatina, it is neither a safe nor a scientific pro-
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at first, then reddish. The smooth leaves are borne on short stems and are
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thing like a clear distinction is to be made between the characters
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It only remains to say that vaccine lymph can be well pre-
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Having promised this, and thereby anticipated an objec-
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venous channels of escape. Under this accumulation the brain
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which was a favourite study with him, in the Extra-mural School,
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downwards. Large doses produce convulsions of cerebral origin. The
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second time I was with a friend, a physician, and the second day
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and strongly begged to have the tumor removed. After
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important item. The hygienic, or rather the unhygienic ar-
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Cameron replied in a worthy speech, delivered, to the evident pleasure
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the cause of humanity. The allied forces were under the military ohliga-
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pneumococcus belonging to Group I, in which group Cole^' has obtained
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chronic cystitis the bladder may be enlarged, but it is often smaller
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pains were violent; and they darted through the diaphragmatic
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germ. This germ is drumstick shaped, with the spore in one end; it is
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Dr. Austin Flint, Sr. Dr. Flint was an honored member of the Erie
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this eruption might be an arsenical herpes ; but one month later, after
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Fifth. It shall also be the duty of the district veterinarian in person to seize
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repeated enemas, all doomed to the same failure. Feeling less
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thickened, and the bladder itself was about the size of a large
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until the best definition is got. It is necessary to remember that the image
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10 per cent, but most of these were due to prior condi-
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lumbia reported to the health office during the calendar year 1907
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the Boroughs of Manhattan and tlu; Bronx), is caused

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