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" MS. from an early fifteenth century hand, preserved in the Royal Library, Stockholm.

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to cite those particular scenes which cling most strongly

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fluid thick with " cofifee grounds." Patient very restless.

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defects which balance its merits, as the unprejudiced and

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33. The occurrence and virulence of pneumococci in the circulating blood

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pride themselves on having drunk such and such a quan-

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exophthalmic type. Six months after the operation the goiter

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merit of keeping prominently in view an important element, a serious

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The experiments performed in regard to this subject have led to the

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the effects were similar to those he had been producing in the bladder. The

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4. The mucus does not dry in the tube and diminish its calibre

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in the Province of Quebec, and had mentioned, many years

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bone, it would appear that the subject is well nigh exhausted, and the

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this way, were examined by Professor Kobert, who reported them

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1974, Princeton University; M.D. 1981, Medical College

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relapse. We have arbitrarily chosen a temperature of 99 F. in tlu'

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distant vision was 11*^ millimetres, for near vision 8*6 ; and the advance of the

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of the Tittle finger. Two years later he made the follow-

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any marked part in the pathogenesis of asthma, and the same

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and astringent ; therefore, it is used in cases of weakness,

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is to the urhie as 1340 to 1(100 in youth, and as 967 to 1000 in old

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Intervention in Mexico, if it comes to pass, is not likely to be merely a

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