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secretions, &c., is equally great ; and consequently the obstetric

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very large results from the present sanitary efforts until the

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amount of light the sensitive structures of the eye are

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unsatisfactory; but in a few cases — five, all told,

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duced into the wound and given suitable conditions for

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each.""* By his noble character, professional services and liberality Dr.

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editorial control of the Medical Mono(/rap]i, a one

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gret not cutting deeply enough, but never to regret cut-

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nating, the next period others, and so on ; sometimes most of

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Paul in December, 1913. His obituary appeared in the Pioneer Press, December

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the reasons for health insurance are as logical and

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much less active as medicines than similar compounds intro-

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blood-tinged. The temperature did not exceed 101° ;

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"hypersemia," "congestion," "anaemia," "oedema," "serous effusion,"

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is handled by a super-enthusiast, if I may use such a term, that the full

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urinary passages. Kiimmell maintains that recent observations have

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the results is expressed in Table 5. The measurements of the imin-

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prentice, and forbid all persons having any dealings with

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as a flower ; so we went on to say, " I'm afraid you Simon-pure

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is made is Landolt's metrical ophthalmoscope, which has two

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severe according to the acuteness of the attack, lancinajting pains in the

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N. York Acad. Med, Nov. 9] <Am. Med. -Surg. Bull., X. Y., v. 10 (23),

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puscles, their number, differential proportion or type.

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