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the hearing. Two years prior to the test he had urethritis. During the pre-

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of medicine and good clinical ability to be successful.

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the teacher to the suffering soul seeking relief from mental and

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Heffenger. a. C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. — Detached

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More recently two slight attacks had occurred. He had not lost in

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the first instance as a cause of vaso-motor paresis -wdth arterial dilatation

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therapeutic remedy in the early stage of the disease,

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ing his breath he became relaxed, and free from all appear-

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gious diseases combined — typhoid, varioloid, scarla-

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), aa Scrofula, Scorvy, Ooat. and Rheumatism. Otfaers

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ent powder. 3, Distillation. The following table mentions the of-

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Syrup of Ammonia Phenate (Syrupus ammonias phenatis "Declat").

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tremes there are all possible transitions. When we consider

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points to such chemical action. Moreover, from cultures of pyogenic cocci

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but probably was due to a ruptured varix during coitus.

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FOR SALE — Surgical instruments and operating room

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in the Province of Quebec, and had mentioned, many years

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turjB ex verborum origine retitae incertae sunt. — Dathe.

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was firm, greyish-coloured, and slightly fibrous. The epididymis was

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antiseptic dresssing, which shall be at once cheap, soft

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made, and sentences recast, to the decided improvement of the book ;

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Type Process D. In this class are included those fiuidextracts

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