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predominant phase of the growth of the nerve cell is functional
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having formed several scabs which have dropped off, leaving
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Sept. 20. 0.5 cc. of the filtrate was injected intracerebrally and 20 cc. were
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on Materia Medica in the Northwestern Veterinary College,
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Episcopal Hospital; Consulting Physician, Haddock Mem-
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tion lessens or disappears entirely, and cough largely depen-
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deavor, with one hand in the vagina and the other on
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Admission of erysipelatous patients to hospitals should be refused, except
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then I believe a great many more patients will be saved by my
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of the polyp, and with equsl readiness at nearly every
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He cannot walk with the feet naked on account of the pain occasioned
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alive in any proper sense, as it would appear (else
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MacGregor. Samuel A., graduate of Detroit College of Medicine, 1895.
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having formed several scabs which have dropped off, leaving
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Lady Foresters, of which he was physician at the time of his
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went beneath the patella. One hour and a half after
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temporal and coronary arteries, with their branches, on the living sub-
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and often attended with considerable enlargement of the head and obvious
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veterinarian can keep posted right up to date in any and all
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sure of the metallic ions in the solution, there will be no electric current
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relation of the trochanter to Nelaton's Hne (Fig. i88).
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lowest attainable venous pressure observed in recumbent rest.
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years we had only 1 case. After the age of forty the disease is infrequent.
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exhaustion naturally follows ; and within two or three weeks from
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organ known as the heart, which is located within the thorax, or

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