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which denote the saturation of the system with the remedy, its

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quilizers, and electrolyte imbalance all have been implicated.

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meningitis raises the proportion of acquired cases, which with reference to

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land, District of Columbia, and Virginia, and makes the

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exdte the intestinal canal into action, and to maintain it so subsequendy.

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distended with clear fluid. Ependyma very slightly opaque. Slight opacity of

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A review of the few examples given, as well as of the vast majority

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under the centre of the building, have been leaking

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regards durability and consistent operation, has influenced many "returned"

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mercury, either alone or combined with the iodide of potassium ; but while its

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Soldiers in the field, and of those about to enter the ser-

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typhoid in Paris hospitals treated by cold baths as 9'92 per eent.

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possible but less habitual routes for the passage of stimuli.

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chronic derangement of the digestive organs in relation to Bright's

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35. Treatment of Nervous or Siok- Headache. Dr. P. W, Latham ... 41

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vation of the case occurs, perhaps from the giving way of

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tral organ and prime mover in the life of the body, but while we look

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the average. The rain-days in the quarter numbered 46, being

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bines a balanced lifestyle with plenty of clinical challenge.

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gathered tells us the possible tract or tracts of nerve fibers through which

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percussion which gives satisfactory results only over the

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of cases of tabes a history of syphilis can be obtained ;

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for an hour, he found that no water was absorbed, and that if the fluid

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culture, bleeding may be carried out at once; that is, on the 10th to 12th day

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arresting the spread of the inflammatory process. Our chief

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crease commensurate with the quantity of the poison introduced

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