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Dubois postoffice was reached. This is the last outpost

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a protective law should be passed in this State, which

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things are proper ; baths of sweet water, with emollient herbs,

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Virchow well illustrates this occurrence by showing that in the

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culating fluids, and fettle on any particular part of

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they dry up or make gluey the oily secretions of the glands along the

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lbs. of the albumen of flesh. The gluten of flour, caseine of cheese

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Pearce, in a study of 118 cases of lobar pneumonia at autopsy, found the

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I believe it is but little used now. Pasteurized milk is used

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when people were diagnosed with the illness, they were

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and are from 1 to l}{ inches wide. The fruit capsule, which springs open when

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Davis, II. ; Harrison, B. F. ; McGaughey, J. D. ; Russell, W. S.

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gynaecological department under the charge of Drs. Berry Hart

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for extreme extension of the leg, without this support, may cause

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of the cord, and almost invariably Yascular injection of the cord, also

xanax 0.25 mg pregnancy

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or general. If no convulsions are present the absence of

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colon. The patient should go to bed early, and have eight hours' sleep.

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Senior Fellow of Trinity College and Regius Professor of

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In every Province there is a penalty of a fine for failure to prop-

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M.D. 1956, University of Chicago Pritzker School of

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a subject noted for great intellectual activity, but

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October 16 — New Mexico Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting:

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