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risks largely upon these facts. How surpassingly strange, with these

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There is a kind of acquired immunity which is not known to have a par-

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sick ones in another field, by breathing through the fence.

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"1. The cutaneous obForption of a non-volatile medicinal substance cannot

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be strictly speaking a sthenic disease. Life presents essen-

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campaigns, have never been recorded appreciation as they

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specimens in the Museum of the Elwyn Institution. The

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body of which he knows less!" A story is told of a doctor

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to the air and light. In the ox this stage does not develop evenly as in

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" Scheele, chemist, discovered barytes and chlorine.

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centimeter in diameter contrasting sharply with the normal pinkish

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often as the circumstances indicated ; the intermediate treatment consist-

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ment of Dengue Fever prevailing in Augusta in the year 1850."

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hold its fourth meeting in Rome September 15 to 20, 1902.

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avoided. By the employment of a small caliber needle and allowing

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pendent upon other malformation or disease, and to exclude any ques-

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demic; it attacked natives as well as the old settlers. The

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with the child in utero. But if stern necessity compels the

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