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people powerful preventives of sleep. Strychnine and other nervine

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met with in a forenoon stroll. Imitation seems the chief factor

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gone a similar operation, he replied he would definitely

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tion work. Great care must be exercised, however, to select only

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WORD COUNT: Count ias one word all single words, two initials of a name, each abbreviation, isolated numbers, groups of numbers,

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ment in the naval or military service of the King. He cannot be

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a month. A month before the expected return time, and

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well, except that progress is slow. I think, in this

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practical, correspond to the wound, in order to give it the ad-

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endowed by Archbishop John Hamilton in 1553, and reconstituted by him under

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In one of these cases, a man aged 37, who was suffering from

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spread parts of films, they collect in masses in which it is difficult

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*' new disease." Marie has collected five instances published

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torted and fragmented nuclei, as well as free chromatic particles simu-

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tals, right prisms. The mother liquors left \n\so the medical galvanisi of the hospital,

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vidual parts, the fingers are separated as far as possible.

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torted epiphysis of the lower end of the radius, evidently of

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obstruction found anywhere. Both tympanic cavities contained mucus ; drum-

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into the general circulation. My reasons for giving the preference

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bleeding depends, to no small extent, on the technique of the

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" (4) Human bacilli with attenuated virulence, after intra-

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tional Association, and of the Druggists and Apothecaries of our State, as may

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that is to say whether it is ample and whether it is applied in due

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