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cutaneous ecchymosis. The eyeball was not protruded. The cornea

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of Bi1«. It ia said to increaae the amoant of bile in the fkcei. But I do not

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We would also desire in this connection to press upon the

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Tye, John Campbell, and Prof. H. Walker of Detroit.

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the solution precipitates silver when copper is immersed

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2 ounces of meat; the yolk of the egg contains even more nitrogen

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I fertile pen of M. Liebig of Giessen, who is rightly and

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greatly impaired, and it was followed by increased action of the

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fluid would first be thought of ; but if diarrhoea be still present this may

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President FRANK PIERREPONT GRAVES, Ph. D.. LL. D.Bx-Offlcio

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dissatisfied with every thing that was dene for her :

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to the back entrance by which the man must have gone

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Liquor trinitrini then in suitable cases is a powerful vaso-dilator

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were the most important [laboratory] in the world [for]

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stock and squeezed dry. Beat all to a paste and pour over it

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it has succeeded in meeting a want generally felt of a full, but concise and compendious

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more the fact that Pitcairne had among his pupils many men who afterwards

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nothing which a good and sensible woman would so certainly find, if she

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lowing letter, which we get from the Trihune^ was addressed to Mr.

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finement, and unless gratified will show signs of sickness.

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job on our hands. On our way up she would have to rest very

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ference, that is to say, resection of single ribs, is only indicated

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Major Henry Pulteney Wright, on general demobilization.

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stump diminished with the progress of the cicatrization, and took on a

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to the New School of Medicine is now getting into high places, and be-

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account, and thanking me for what she was pleased to call my

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