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In earlier times, when the medical sciences had not yet extended

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Dracoceplialiim parviflomin, Nutt. Gen. ii, 35 (1818).

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* In the ratio of diseases of the respiratory organs, Fort Independence is excluded.

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words, the nervous system has been susceptible from the beginning.

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much quieter than he had been and there was no note

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Iiad a devions, intra-peritoneal menstruation. It is well to remember

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lution be presented to the members for their signa-

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Dr. Bennet commenced by stating that, owing to the non-recognition of some

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Grape Ola Concentrate has a pure firuit flavor. Its purity is

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then disappeared, and was not seen for four years. It

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Medicines which are irritating to the stomach should be given well di-

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opened during the night; has still some pain in the head, for which

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ual and moral condition of his diocese, and these newly-settled regions

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in the investigation of problems of purine metabolism as applied to man.

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cases of pneumonia. He mentions, amongst others, the case of

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the attack the eyeballs may be touched without the patient flinching,

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tion was performed. This was followed by the formation of

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First and Second Juniors (together) — \ nassa matter?

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place. At the second operation (six months ago), the inguinal

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An administrative house, a central hall for religious services,

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with the exception of the large iridectomy inwards. Vision

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3. Vinci, G. : Sulle lesioni istologiche sperimentali del rene determinate dall

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taken into account, and one should be slow to intro-

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