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Previous to the war no effective measures for dealing with these affections

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it has long been well known that certain cases, that

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pure carbonate of soda), until by fusion of the salt

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should be frequently left open so as to change the air in the room,

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depends on an increase in knowledge of these products. When one considers

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and ])elvis into tlie retroperitoneal opening made in

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place which possibly proves fatal. So also in the ulceration of a can-

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cated in the Adirondacks met in Albany on July 30 and approved

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(2) Superficial wounds, and those deeper wounds not extensively

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One of these was a case of placenta retained for many hours before

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The head is compact but elongated and forms what is

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of a small calculus, which was seized with forceps and removed. This calculus

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tured ends of the bone being held in apposition until complete

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symptom of a functional nervous condition that never leaves serious

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— Particular attention is drawn to advertisement of Medical Prac-

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off at the end of twenty-four hours and the parts greased with

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He denied that he had taken any drug or liquor, and there was

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shall be equal to or even greater than the requests

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will be insignificant. But if, on the contrary, the obstracted artery open

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divided, and the bladder is separated from the cervix ; Douglas's pouch is

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after secretion, Kaufmann holds that the lining of the stomach

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In those cases the so-called cryptogenetic infections in which a local

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