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Prognosis. — The prognosis, in cases of acute pneumonitis, will depend

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fact was first establislied b}^ the late Dr. James Jackson, Jr., of Boston,

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But, by industry, economy, and the blessing of God, thiey were

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anaemia, with our present knowledge of tonic and analeptic medication,

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exists in cor3'za or a mild bronchitis. In making the diagnosis, acute in-

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spirits, some by wine, and some by malt liquors. Of the ditl'erent vari-

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this class of symptoms is not available. This is true, also, of idiots, the

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complaint, upon recovery, not to regain their former state of

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Cases have been reported in which this was observed for twelve, twenty-

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tions to this rule are so infrequent that the existence of chronic larj'ngitis

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and deportment, he connected himself subsequently with the Epis-

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course was persisted in to the last day of his capacity to stand

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evidently formed the anterior wall of the abscess, and thus pre-

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towns in the different States of the Union. It may be proper to add that

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