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was required to compensate for this enfeebled circulation by

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Dalton, Lowell ; D. Crosby, Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Dartmouth College ; E. Hoyt, PraaV

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all, rest for the injured viscus will be beneficial, in the last it is essen-

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turnover is the penalty for poor placing. It is, I believe, due

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quietly sunk into the sleep of death, without any urgent symptom

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fatally, one death in 2.6 cases, or 37.3 per cent; 1866-1870, 409 cases, 184 deaths,

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ing the toes, throw his weight for a moment upon the heels of

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sepsis, and must be added to the long list of diseases that must

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moist tongue, the clear, quick mind, and the unsteady character of the

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in any given case of the kind, the wife may really have im-

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smooth surface. The uterus contained the remains of a

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primary inflammation, it will often continue for some time af tei"

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pain had lessened. The temperature ranged from 100° to 102°

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parently increased by the access of menstruation. There

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